This is the official website for Peruvian death metal band Infection.



Infection is a Peruvian death metal band fomed on 2006 with influences from the thrash and deathgrind scene. To the date the group has released a six-song EP (“Nothing but Scum”) and two full-length albums (“Necrokindergarden” and “Acrotomophile Mutilator”).

Since their formation, their passion for making music has not declined. On the contrary, they keep the flame of metal alive and expect to consistently deliver brutal music to the world. The current line-up is: Guliano Canessa (vocals), Antonio Palacios (guitars), Yuri Cazal (live bass), and Yesid Aranda (live drums).


Nothing but Scum (2008)

Necrokindergarden (2009)

Acrotomophile Mutilator (2014)