"The Cryptic Homicides" is the fourth full-length album of Peruvian death metal band Infection.

The Cryptic Homicides

The Cryptic Homicides marks Infection's fifth record, comprising eleven tracks of unrelenting brutality that seamlessly weave together death metal with grindcore and thrash elements. Once again, the band sets a new standard in composition and arrangements, delivering songs that blend furious, intricate guitar work, relentless drumming, deep bass lines, and visceral vocals.

In keeping with their tradition, the lyrics delve into the darkest corners of human cruelty, shedding light on the pervasive evil in the world. Guitar re-amping reached new heights under the expertise of Fredrik Nordström at the renowned Fredman Studios in Gothenburg. Meticulous mixing occurred at //Kill the Pixel Now Studio, with the final mastering touches applied by the skilled hands of John Scrip, owner of Massive Mastering and a longstanding collaborator of the band.

The result is an aggressive album boasting a natural and rounded sound, tailor-made for headbanging enthusiasts. The Cryptic Homicides not only showcases Infection's musical prowess but also reinforces their commitment to delivering an immersive sonic experience that resonates with the raw intensity of the genre.